Blog Le groupe inspearit sponsorise IAD 2020

Le Italian Agile Days devient cette année international



Inspearit Group devient sponsor de la 17e édition du Italian Agile Days (IAD) ; et cette année la lettre « I » est pour INTERNATIONAL.


L’événement va réunir un grand panel d’intervenants internationaux les 13 et 14 novembre prochain.
La conférence aura lieu à distance et totalement en anglais !

Joshua Kerievsky:

It’s time to send our distinguished, historically important but now antiquated processes and practices into an honorable retirement. It’s time to return Agile to a lightweight, joyful way of helping people achieve awesome results.

Barry Overeem:

Our purpose is to liberate teams from dehumanizing and ineffective ways of organizing work by putting them in control of shaping their future.

Andy Hunt:

Great software today is often preferable to perfect software tomorrow.

Woody Zuill:

We started by taking a look at the details of the project and it was natural for us to pass the keyboard around as we worked. We decided to continue working together, in the same way, the next day. We haven’t stopped since then.


Comme toujours, l’événement est gratuit.

Les inscriptions sont ouvertes, découvrez les autres intervenants et réservez votre participation !