Blog SAFe Meetup : Agile@Scale Transformation at Société Générale

Thursday, March 4th, 2021


Event, Webinar


Philippe Morere (Global CIO & Deputy COO, Societe Generale / Global Banking & Investor Solutions), Etienne Zaninotto (Agile@Scale Transformation director at GBIS, Global Head of the Agile Center) and Stéphane Déprès (inspearit consultant, SPC5, Agile@scale & lead coach at GBIS) will present their return of experience on the 7000 staffs Agile@Scale transformation based on a framework derived from SAFe® and Spotify.


A transformation, adapted to the context and the cultural aspects of the Société Générale to build a personalized model
During this presentation, they will put the different aspects of the Société Générale model in perspective with the SAFe Framework and the components of this overall transformation.


The following topics will be covered:

  • The initial objectives of the transformation
  • The underlying change of mindset
  • The SGCIB agile@scale model description: derived from SAFe and Spotify, adapted to the context and culture of Société Générale.
  • The alignment of the organizational structure with the value chains
  • The importance of a horizontal management model to foster people development and teams autonomy
  • The implementation of some aspects of SAFe Lean Portfolio Management : change of the governance model, deployment of Lean-Agile Budgeting and OKRs
  • Feedbacks on the deployment of SAFe trains, on selected scopes of the activity
  • The transformation approach and coaching model

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